Sunday, November 25, 2007


The Tribeca Trib recently got the word out about WFC In The Loop in their November issue. Ina Braun and fellow In the Loop member, Beth, were featured, seriously at work crocheting a preemie cap. Click here for the Trib's online November 2007 issue. Special thanks to Photographer, and Editor, Carl Glassman.

Monday, November 19, 2007


This Wednesday will be our last official After Work Social for the Fall Season. We will be meeting at the usual place - the World Financial Center Winter Garden - at the usual time - 5-8pm - but not in usual spot. When you arrive you'll notice the arts > World Financial Center production team busy setting up tables for a private event around the palm trees.

Our group will meet on the BALCONY LEVEL on the south side the WINTER GARDEN. That's the area above the Godiva store. Take the escalator or grand staircase to the upper level. You'll find us at in the public seating area outside Columbus Bakery and the GAP. You can't miss it.

See you there.

Saturday, November 17, 2007


We began our season with designs from the Project Sunshine and Christmas-at-Sea websites. These included the pretty crocheted and knitted preemie cap patterns by Anne-Marie Brule (see our September 29 post) and the knitted mariners caps.

Our talented group of crafters from In The Loop soon became busy creating caps in a variety of shapes, sizes, styles and colors, even including a crocheted man's cap see November 11 post).

Here is a sampling of the beautiful work done over the last few weeks.

Preemie caps made in various colors
following Anne-Marie Brule's pattern.

Angela was busy since our last meeting
making these various shapes and sizes.

Here's a small sampling of Vita's handiwork
with two color knitting.

Whimsical caps with strawberry and cherry toppings.

More crochet preemie caps of various designs.

Mariner's hats in a variety of colors.

Friday, November 16, 2007


We all know what it's like to have multiple projects going at once. It's difficult sometimes to surpress the urge to start a new one before finishing the others. This is Joan's modus operandi, but we caught the momentous occasion at Friday's meeting when she actually finished not only one but three mariner's hats. Angela looks on in total amazement.

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Last Friday we were joined by our youngest In The Loop member. We watched in amazement as this very talented 4th-grader created this hat without even using a hook or knitting needles. She crocheted it with her fingers, making up the pattern as she went along. For the finishing touch the little pom-pom was made from the thrift shop yarn she and her dad picked up that day.

Hats are not her only specialty. She was wearing a beautifully made shawl, of her own design, and she has made many other projects for herself and her little brother. It was a real pleasure having her in the group and look forward to seeing more of her creations.

Sunday, November 11, 2007


When we began our projects for Christmas-at-Sea, a crocheted hat for men didn't seem likely until Celia found a pattern that gives crochet a masculine twist.

The Chunky Watch Cap is a free pattern included with Lion Brand Wool Ease yarn. What's especially interesting is that the ribbed part looks knitted, but is actually a series of chain, single crochet and double crochet added after the upper cap is completed.

If you'd like to make this Watch Cap, we'll have the yarn and the pattern at the next meetings.
You can also check out the Lion Brand website for free patterns. Here's another unisex crochet stocking cap Lion Brand free patterns. Order the yarn for this project from their website and you get 15% off.

Saturday, November 10, 2007


We meet again this Wednesday, November 14 for our second In The Loop After Work Social in the Winter Garden. Even if you stop by for just a little while, here's what you can create in one sitting (see pic below). This preemie cap was crocheted by one of Ina's students at last week's Brown Bag Social - quick, easy and so appreciated.

Bring your WIP (Work in Progress) or start a new preemie cap or sailor hat. We also enjoy seeing your other knitting or crochet projects. Now that it's getting really, really cold, wear one of your creations and inspire your fellow crafters.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007


Ina will be at the Brown Bag Socials to lend her expert instruction in making the charity projects for In The Loop.

We first met Ina while planning The Big Draw Scarf project this past September. She was a fabulous resource, donating bags full of beautiful yarn and getting the word out about the project. She also served as the instructor at our Craft Stops in the Winter Garden. Ina is expert not only in knitting - she designs and sells patterns for beautiful articles of clothing (that's Ina in one of her own creations), she is also an excellent instructor and holds classes in her studio in Boonton, NJ.

We invited her to tell us more about herself and her studio, so please read on.

The studio ...

I opened the studio in the summer of 2004 seemingly on the wings of faith. Experiences in knitting stores had not ended happily and I knew my passion for knitting, teaching knitting and all things creative needed to grow roots in one space. The studio adventure has grown mostly by word of mouth, but also due to the patterns I have created and the contacts I have made. I have built my website and though not a regular “blogger” in that sense make sure I share what’s important in fibers and knitting and crochet. It’s like watching a child learn and grow.

My experience ...

I don’t remember not knitting ... I learned when in school in Germany, 3rd and 4th grades. First crochet, then knitting and other needlework, sewing and embroidery.I learned early on how to do fine handiwork and at some point much much later of course heeded the call to pursue the creative life for “work”!

It’s a big jump to walk it solo without rules from an employer, but I wouldn’t trade it for a minute. I find myself always seeking a new twist on the teaching adventure. That’s how I got to the World Financial Center when I donated some yarn for the “Big Draw” back in September.

In the loop ...

This is the perfect opportunity for me to contribute through a unique venture, expanding the reach of my experience outside the studio. It is a chance to share my fiber, knitting and crochet knowledge to help all achieve success in the projects they undertake for the chosen charities. I have to pinch myself sometimes to believe how lucky I am to have found you all.

Merci beaucoup ... à bientôt!

... off to knitting my fingerless mittens for the day ... a pair a day ...
keeps the doctor away ...

ina and gumby ... the dog that tante sophie has ...

Visit for all the latest and greatest happenings at the studio ... where, when, what and why!

Monday, November 5, 2007


Join us Friday, November 9, 12pm - 2pm
in the Winter Garden under the palm trees.

Special for beginners and lapsed crafters:
We've added an easy pattern just for you.
Learn or practice knitting or crocheting while making the Seafarer's Scarf.
Join us in the Winter Garden at our Socials and we'll even loan you needles or hooks.
We provide the yarn, help and encouragement.

Coming soon: In The Loop e-Newsletter
Featured Crafters
Best Yarn Resources
On-Line Crafting Links
Handy tips and tricks

Mark your calendar:
Next In The Loop After Work Social
Wednesday, November 14, 5pm - 8pm
in the Winter Garden